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Corporations & Business Matters

Corporations & Business Matters

Our Ohio Business Law Attorneys have extensive experience assisting individuals and businesses throughout Southwest Ohio for more than 75 years. We also represent many Ohio Corporations and assist them with everything from Incorporating in Ohio, preparation of Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and completing minutes for a corporation’s minute book.

There are lots of factors to consider when contemplating starting a business and possibly incorporating in Ohio. What business entity structure makes the most sense? Does a corporation, subchapter S election, partnership, limited partnership or perhaps a sole proprietorship make the most sense? Our Ohio Business Law attorneys have a diversity of both practical experience and educational backgrounds including one having a Masters of Business degree. Another is the chairman of the board for a well-respected local business and has served on the boards of many non-profit organizations. Our Ohio Attorneys have a diverse background to assist you with the considerations and intricacies of Incorporating in Ohio.

Our Ohio Attorneys are also experienced in dealing with Ohio Business Law. We regularly assist Ohio Corporations in reviewing or drafting contracts, buy-sell agreements, pledge agreements and other sundry contracts and business matters. In addition, we represent Ohio Corporations in debt collections and other civil litigation matters.

On this page, we have provided links to learn more about Ohio Corporations, Incorporating in Ohio and other Business Law matters. Please check them out.

We can help you sort through all the myriad options to help you with Ohio Business Law, Incorporating in Ohio, or Ohio Corporation matters.

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If you have Ohio Business or Corporation questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (937) 293-2141 or email our Ohio Attorneys by clicking here. There is also a Quick Contact form for your ease in contacting us. Additionally, we have an emergency phone number (937) 760-4357 that is answered by one of our Ohio Business Law Attorneys around-the-clock.

Ohio Corporations Overview

Incorporating in Ohio and making important legal decisions for Ohio corporations can be complex. Our Dayton, Ohio, Lawyers can provide you with sound advice. Read more in our Ohio Corporations Overview.

Ohio Business Law Overview

Our Dayton, Ohio, lawyers know a lot about Ohio Business law and have a breadth of experience. See how we can help by reading more in our Ohio Business Law Overview.

Ohio Contract Matters

Drafting, negotiating and analyzing all the implications of Ohio contracts for both individuals and businesses requires top notch legal skills. Our Dayton, Ohio, Lawyers can help you avoid costly mistakes. Read more about it in Ohio Contract Matters.