By Robert L. Mues   |   April 18th, 2009

calc.gifRecently, while doing some research for another blog article, I came across a “divorce calculator” posted on the website. With their permission, I have added it to this article below. The calculator is intended for first marriages only. The calculator works by comparing peoples’ backgrounds to yours. You and your spouse might well end up with two different calculation percentages because each of you comes from different backgrounds. The website advises that the best way then to determine your risk for divorce as a couple is to average the two percentages together. The statistical information they use comes from “historical data based on information given by real people and collected as part of the U.S. Census”. Click here to read more about the calculator.

I am, of course, not in a position to comment on the accuracy of the calculations. There are, of course, many other important factors which are not taken into consideration by the calculator which could alter the percentages considerably. Nonetheless, check it out if you want.

I wonder if the new iPhone I see advertised on television (which says it has 25,000 applications available) has an App for this too.


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Divorce Calculator—We have an App for That!
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