By Robert L. Mues   |   May 17th, 2011

bg_pass.jpgI was saddened to learn that George Webley, the host of the weeknight program on BBC London 94.9, died on May 7, 2011, at age 53. BBC London 94.9 Editor David Robey said, “Big George lived up to his name in every sense, a larger than life character with a radio personality to match. He was a truly distinctive broadcaster who will be terribly missed by his many devoted listeners and his colleagues.” He also had a long career as a musician and composed TV theme tunes, including “Have I Got News For You.”

I personally had the pleasure to appear as his guest on his show in July of 2009. As an American divorce lawyer, I was asked to share my perspective about the use of prenuptial agreements in the United States in light of a recent ruling that legalized their use in England. It was truly a fun experience for me to chat with “Big George.” His sense of humor was wickedly funny and his charisma apparent! Here is a link to  the video of a late-night vigil after his death near the BBC studios, led by over 300 London taxi drivers who saw “Big George” as one of their own.

George’s colleague, Ian Wood, a broadcast journalist with BBC London 94.9, with whom I have maintained contact, shared with me this sad news. He said, “A big part of his show’s success is the people on it, and that includes you, Chip – so please feel free to raise a glass to a man whose show of which you were a part.” Very thoughtful!

I wrote about that “radio adventure” in a post on July 8, 2009. Click here to read that article. It also includes an audio link to my interview. I would encourage you to take a listen. It is very upbeat and funny!

I luckily managed to catch several more of his shows after my interview.  So George, here is my toast to you…Thanks for creating such a wonderful memory in my life. You will be missed in my home and by millions around the globe. May God bless you!

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The UK Mourns the Passing of “Big George” Webley
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