By Robert L. Mues   |   December 2nd, 2017

PUBLISHERS NOTE: This article on divorce was originally posted on January 19, 2013. I have now added the last 5 items. The list keeps evolving with the advances in technology and social media platforms and the advent of the legalization of same sex marriage. Thanks!

divorceAttorney Mark Chinn of Jacksonville, Mississippi, caught my attention with a divorce post to his family law blog about some items that are frequently forgotten in many divorce agreements. Mark is the author of three American Bar Association books about family law issues and is a frequent writer and lecturer in the field of family law.

The first eleven in the divorce list were Mark’s, the rest were some that I have added.

  1. Garage door openers
  2. Gate remote controls
  3. Extra keys to car and house
  4. Security codes
  5. Hotel credit card and airline points
  6. Utility and other deposits
  7. Tax and insurance escrows
  8. Car tag credits
  9. Overdrafts on joint checking accounts
  10. Dates to carry through insurance coverages
  11. Attorney’s fees paid with joint funds
  12. Real estate escrow account refunds
  13. Important days not addressed in the Court’s Parenting  Time Order
  14. Season ticket rights
  15. Country club membership and club access
  16. Storage unit details
  17. Dividing and copying family photos
  18. Copying documents, pictures and files from the family computer
  19. Providing change of address notification to Bureau of Motor Vehicles, support enforcement agency, credit cards, magazines, post office, etc.
  20. Cell phone account restructuring
  21. Review of auto insurance coverage
  22. Close joint credit cards
  23. Update estate planning documents and review beneficiary information
  24. Stock options
  25. Future health insurance coverage and costs
  26. Limiting online photos of your kids including privacy protections for your children in the Decree
  27. Adding mutual non-disparagement language in your decree about your former Spouse
  28. Securing a child’s passport to avoid possible violations of parenting time
  29. Making sure schools and daycare providers have your contact information
  30. Consider language to prevent revenge porn and/or damages for any violations

Now these are not necessary to be put into the Final decree but should be considered in your negotiations. I may add to this divorce list from time to time. Please let me know if you have suggestion to include!

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Divorce: 25 Details Often Overlooked in Negotiations…Plus 5 New Bonus Additions!

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