By Robert L. Mues   |   January 20th, 2018

divorce januaryExperts say that January is the most popular month of the year for couples to file for divorce in Ohio. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas), it is common for couples to put off their divorce plans until after the first of the year. Even though many couples are struggling with their marriage before the holiday season, they tend to push back getting a divorce in order to make the holidays more enjoyable and memorable for their kids.

According to Cathy Meyer, who founded and is a certified divorce consultant stated, “Dissatisfied husbands and wives begin searching for information on divorce immediately after the holidays”. She has experienced a huge increase in page views and searches the day after Christmas. People start looking for information before the New Year starts, but they cannot do much until the attorneys are back in the office, making January 12-16 the magic week for filings.

Courtney Stovall, founder of, says that while it may be important to realize popular times for divorce filings, one should not ignore the heartbreak in the off months. “Statistically, sure several studies have come out that show that January has the highest divorce numbers, and it’s probably good for those who choose to end their marriages in January to know that they’re not alone. But the sad reality is that every month is ‘divorce month’.

When Is The Timing To File A Divorce Correct?

So, when is the timing to file a divorce correct? Obviously, this depends on the specific facts. Is there abuse? Has professional counseling been attempted? But as Cathy Meyer stated, “Look, there’s no good time to divorce. If you’re going to do it, January is as good as any time. It’s no more or less painful than it is in June. Divorce is ultimately a very personal decision, and what’s best for you doesn’t have anything to do with the date on the calendar”.

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