By Robert L. Mues   |   August 4th, 2018

Divorce Study Reveals Stepkin Increase In American Households

divorce study stepkinThe results of a recent divorce study indicate that the size of American families have increased 66%; a number largely attributed to stepchildren and stepparents that often follow divorce and the formation of new families after the fact.

The divorce study, entitled “Stepfamily Structure and Transfers between Generations in U.S.,” interviewed tens of thousands of people from approximately 9,000 different households in order to gain a better understanding of how stepkin relationships and the accompanying bonds, differ from biological ones.

Ultimately, researchers estimated that nearly 30% of American households have a stepkin tie from either parents or children.  Twenty percent of families have at least one stepparent and over 10% have at least one adult stepchild.  Generally speaking, the study showed that familial ties are not as strong with stepkin. More specifically, people are less likely to give their time and money to stepchildren and/or stepparents.

For example, the study showed that parents with stepchildren are 11.3% less likely to give them their time as compared to their biological children, and stepparents are 13.3% less likely to receive time from their non-biological children.

Divorce Study Reveals The Changing Structure Of American Families, But More Research Needed

So, while stepkin may drastically increase the size of the American family, “the increased availability of kin does not fully compensate for the weaker bonds among family members in step families.”

In the end, researchers indicated that their divorce study calls for further research into the topic. “Unraveling how stepfamilies shape family connections would shed new light on how the changing structure of American families will affect the help that family members provide to each other in the future.”   To read the full divorce study click here.

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Divorce Causes American Family Size to Increase By 66%
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