By Guest Contributor Donna F. Ferber, LPC, LADC   |   June 29th, 2019

PUBLISHERS NOTE: Psychotherapist Donna F. Ferber penned this post about divorce back in 2015. It is still a good read about the struggles a newly divorced person experiences during the summer holidays. We have a ton of interesting articles in our archives of the Ohio Family Law Blog. Use our Search tool and enjoy a few oldie but goodies!

The Struggle Of Divorce During the Summer Holidays – How To Juggle The Roles And Responsibilities In Your Life

divorce summer holidaysMemorial Day, Labor Day and 4th of July are holidays that celebrate different aspects of American culture. Memorial Day honors those who fought to defend our principles and ideals, Labor Day honors our work ethic, and 4th of July honors our fight for independence. We don’t consider them “big holidays.” They are, for most of us, times to be outdoors, watch some fireworks, and eat lots of good food. They also give us an extended weekend.

For a newly divorced person, however, these holidays can take on great significance. You, too, have been fighting for your principles, working hard, and struggling with your newfound independence. No three holidays in our calendar reflect your struggle as these three do. Since we do not have a specific holiday that honors those who have been through the struggle of divorce, adopt these as your three days. Memorial Day honors your fight to preserve your ideals and principles. Labor Day represents your struggle to juggle all the roles and responsibilities in your life, and the 4th of July, like divorce, is about freedom and independence.

Honor Your Resolve And Your Growth Through Divorce

You work hard to be your best and to have the best life you can. Our nation celebrates these ideals which are intrinsic to our culture. These days also celebrate each person’s internal struggle. Our personal struggles may not feel grand to others, but if you are going through a divorce, you know it can be hell. Honoring your struggle and your courage also honors your strength and your ethics. On one of these bright, fun-filled days of celebration, take a moment to honor your resolve and your growth. When you wave the flag, watch the fireworks, or attend the picnic, take a moment to remember your contributions to the world, our nation and in your own life.

Donna FerberDonna F. Ferber, LPC, LADC is a psychotherapist in private practice in Farmington, CT since 1986. This article is adapted from her first book, From Ex-Wife to Exceptional Life: A Woman’s Journey through Divorce, which is now available in Kindle format  for $9.99 as well as in paperback. To read more about the author and her work, please visit her website.

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Guest Contributor Donna F. Ferber, LPC, LADCAbout The Author: Guest Contributor Donna F. Ferber, LPC, LADC
Donna F. Ferber, is a psychotherapist in private practice for over 31 years. She is a licensed professional counselor, a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor and an educator. Donna works with individuals and in groups. Her office is in Farmington, Connecticut.

Blast From The Past: Divorce, Summer Holidays for Those Newly Divorced
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