By Robert L. Mues   |   April 25th, 2020

Dayton’s Artimis Center Ready to Provide Help for Domestic Abuse Survivors Affected by the Coronavirus Stay-At-Home Order

coronavirus domestic violence artemis centerRecently I have read several articles online regarding the effect the various coronavirus shelter-in-place orders are having on domestic violence cases. Some places have seen a spike in those filings/incidents and others have not.

Logically, one might think that the quarantine orders along with the stress and financial hardship of COVID-19 would naturally result in a much higher number of domestic violence  incidents. To get a better handle on this situation locally, I reached out to Jane Keiffer, MSW, LISW, and the executive director of the Artemis Center in Dayton.

Interestingly, Ms. Keiffer shared with me that there has not been a spike in calls at Dayton’s Artemis Center since the stay at hone order went into effect on March 15, 2020. She said, “We believe that this is due to the abuser being at home, monitoring the victim, close quarters so calls are not private, phones are being taken away or broken. We do not believe it is because violence is not occurring.” Neither the Dayton Police or Montgomery County Sheriff Departments have seen an increase in domestic violence calls either.

Artemis Center Helpline Answered 24 Hours a Day

The stress of the coronavirus is making the situations more challenging for families but according to Ms. Keiffer, “Stress does not cause violence. Abusers make the choice to be abusive…We are all stressed but we don’t abuse, humiliate, disrespect or manipulate our partners.”

At present, the employees at the Artemis Center  are telecommuting from home. Their hotline number (937) 461-HELP (4357) is being answered 24 hours a day. They continue to provide support and education groups on line. The Artemis Center is preparing ahead to continue to provide all needed services once the shelter-in-place order is lifted gradually in a week or so.

Ms. Keiffer went on to say that she predicts that once the coronavirus quarantine order is lifted, that there will likely be a large spike from survivors needing services. “Survivors are trying to make it work since resources are limited, kids are at home, and some may be unemployed and do not have the funds to do anything such as moving, filing for divorce, nor can they stay in a hotel.”

What Can You Do to Help During the Coronavirus Situation?

The Artemis Center is in need of gas and food gift cards for survivors as well as personal protective equipment (PPE) to help get its employees back to the center as soon as possible. Consider donating if you are able! Here is a link to the Volunteer page of their website for more information as to how you can help once the Coronavirus situation stabilizes.

If you are a lawyer, the Center is looking for volunteers to assist with future Court hearings in Civil Protection Order (CPO) Domestic Violence cases. There is a concern that additional lawyers may be needed by the Artemis Center beyond the assistance provided to them by the Legal Aid of Western Ohio (LAWO). Contact the Center at 937 461-5091.

If you want to get involved with the Artemis Center in some manner, please click here. Their website lists many ways that you can help their organization!

Reach Out to Help during the Coronavirus Pandemic!

If you are in a position to reach out and check in on individuals, especially those who may be experiencing domestic violence please do so! All of us as members of the community need to do whatever we each can do to help those in need during the coronavirus pandemic!

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