Contempt Remedies for Non-Compliance with Court Orders

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale looks at remedies for those who are facing contenmp or non-compliant Court Orders in child or spousal support cases.

In Camera Interviews of Children in Divorce Court

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale looks at what the in camera interview is, it’s latin definition, and several impprtant questions surrounding the process between the judge and minor child.

They Fight For America and Upon Return Must Fight For Their Children…

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale looks at Ohio Reprentative, Michael R. Turner’s proposed Amendment, (H.R.2647) that would protect Military members deployed overseas, from returning home to a child cutody battle with a former spuse (Husband or Wife).

The Untimely and Unexpected Death of Chris Henry…Questions About the Consequences for His Survivors

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale looks at how the untimely passing of NFL receiver Chris Henry, of the Cincinnati Bengals, can lead to legal problems for survivors if one does not have have an estate planning document, or a Last Will and Testament in place in the event of one’s death.

How To Dress For Court – Do’s And Don’ts

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale advises on how to dress for the courtroom with her list of appropriate attire to wear in front of a Judge or Magistrate.

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