Planning Parenting Time for the Holidays – Tips to Follow

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale provides important scheduling tips for divorcing parents in time for the upcoming holiday season.

U.S. Father Arrested In Japan For Picking Up Children “Abducted” By Ex-Wife…..The “Rest Of The Story”!

Attorney Anne Shale looks at a recent parental child abduction case in Japan where she presents the facts of the case, and an understaning of how the Japanese legal system differs in divorce custody.

“Helping Children Succeed After Divorce”, Seminar Update

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale provides a follow-up to her original article about what parents should do to help their children succeed after a divorce or dissolution.

The Legal Distinctions Between “Sole Custody” vs “Shared Parenting”

Family LawAttorney Anne Sjhale looks at the the legal distinctions between “Sole Custody” versus “Shared Parenting”.

Job is Lost! Now What Do I Do?

Attorney Anne Shale discusses several scenerios in a Family Law case when a parent (Father or Mother) is facing or experiencing a loss of employment, and can’t pay child or spousal support.

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