Separation: What is the Difference Between a “Separation” and a “Legal Separation” in the State of Ohio?

Delaying your divorce? Things you should know before filing for legal separation; an unexpected court decision for you and your spouse When I began to practice family law in 1988, there were three (3) major proceedings in the Domestic Relations

Divorce: Helping Children Succeed After Divorce Seminar – Hosted By The Greene County Domestic Relations Court

Greene County Domestic Relations Court Seminar To Help Children Succeed Post Divorce – A Review and Breakdown On Saturday, February 22, 2016, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar entitled “Helping Children Succeed After Divorce.” The seminar was held

REVIEW OF RUNAWAY HUSBANDS – The Abandoned Wife’s Guide to Recovery and Renewal Written by Vikki Stark

The author of the book, Vikki Stark, graphically describes her feelings and emotions as her Husband tells her “it’s over”, i.e. “the marriage is over”, after she had returned from a book tour about her most recent book, My Sister,

Relationship Issues: The Reasons People Fall Out of Love In Marriage

Numerous Factors Lead To The Demise Of A Marriage Or Relationship According to Author Will The Dynamics of A Relationship Doom A Marriage? A Review of an Article Published by Healthy Peoples I was intrigued by an article entitled “Twelve

Divorce Book Review: DIVORCE: How to Tell The Kids: A Parent’s Guide to Breaking the News Without Breaking Their Hearts

Author Vikki Stark Conducts Over 100 Interviews With Children For New Book About Separation And Divorce Vikki Stark, a divorce recovery specialist and a family therapist for over thirty (30) years, published this book in 2015. Her stated purpose in

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