Interim Attorney Fees: Filing For The Financially Disadvantaged

How to Request Interim Attorney Fees in Divorce Cases in Montgomery County, Ohio If you are a family law attorney practicing in Montgomery County, Ohio, you must be familiar with Local Rule 4.14(B) which reflects the following language: “Upon the

Domestic Violence Specialist in Greene County, Ohio – Role And Function

Sheri Hall, A Domestic Violence Specialist, Reveals How The Position Functions In Greene County, Ohio, Domestic Relations Court Our law firm represents clients in the greater Dayton, Ohio geographical area and we routinely accept cases in the counties of Montgomery,

Parent Questionnaire and Information Sheet

Completing the Parent Questionnaire/Information Sheet in Your Divorce If you are a resident of the State of Ohio and the County of Montgomery, Rule 4.28 of the Local Rules of the Domestic Relations Court, reflects that the “Court requires that

Divorce: Time to File Now and Attempt Negotiations Later!

Four Common Reasons Why A Spouse Will Initiate A Divorce In the arena of family law, also known as domestic relations law, there are occasions when negotiations take place with the hope that a dissolution of marriage might result or

International Custody: A Hague Convention Case Dispute

Supreme Court Renders Decision in International Custody Case, Chafin v. Chafin The international custody case of Chafin v. Chafin was previously discussed in our Ohio Family Law Blog article of October 6, 2012. (“Child Custody Dispute to be Decided By

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