Marriage: Don’t Ignore the Legal Requirements Before Getting Married, Plan Ahead!

Requirements Can Be Different In Each State For Obtaining A Marriage License As I have done in the past, I am utilizing the experience of a family member, my son, as the basis for this family law blog article. He

Paternity Issues: When A Child Is Born During A Separation

What Is The Dilemma Posed When a Child Born During a Marriage is not “Issue” of the Marriage? Factual Scenario: John and Jane Doe have a six-year marriage and no children.  They have come upon difficult times in their marriage.

Children Services In Dayton, Ohio: Haines Children’s Center

Learning More About the Children Services Division of the Department of Job And Family Services of Montgomery County, Ohio On Thursday, October 18, 2012, I had the opportunity to visit the Haines Children’s Center located at 3304 North Main Street,

Child Custody Dispute to be Decided By the U.S. Supreme Court

Active Military Members Fight For International Child Custody In The United States Courts Jeffrey Lee Chafin v. Lynne Hales Chafin Docket 11-1347 Facts of the Case: Jeffrey Lee Chafin, a citizen of the United States and an active duty member

Bankruptcy Reflections by Several Recent Divorcés

What You Need To Know Before Filing For A Personal Bankruptcy Action Since the beginning of the recent housing crisis, I have had the experience of working with clients who have fallen behind with mortgage payments which resulted in the

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