Guardian Ad Litem: The Difference Between Winning And Losing

What To Do When The Guardian Ad Litem Is Not Doing A Thorough Job Those that have been involved in custody litigation are probably aware of the important role that a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) can play in the outcome.

Texting While Driving Ban Now in Effect in Ohio

New Ohio Texting Law Focuses On Minors Under The Age Of 18 The new Ohio texting ban went into effect on January 1, 2013. No longer are police just issuing warning tickets as they had been doing since September 2012.

Safe Havens Law In Ohio Protects Parents

But Are Some Mothers And Fathers Still Subject To Criminal Prosecution Under The Safe Havens Law In Ohio? Early last month, there were a few news stories focusing on what is often referred to as Ohio’s Safe Havens law.  For

Social Media Issues in Divorce Litigation – The New Frontier

It is no longer a secret that attorneys that work in the domestic relations arena are mining social media networking sites, such as Facebook, for helpful evidence about the opposing party.  A person’s Facebook page is often a very fertile

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