Divorce: Summer Holidays for Those Newly Divorced

The Struggle Of Divorce During the Summer Holidays – How To Juggle The Roles And Responsibilities In Your Life Memorial Day, Labor Day and 4th of July are holidays that celebrate different aspects of American culture. Memorial Day honors those


Should We Try To Avoid Regret? How Accepting Some Sense Of Regret Will Be A Part Of Every Decision We Will Make A few months ago when I read the novel The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd, I

FOMO: Does it Impact Decisions to File for Divorce?

The Role FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Plays Out In Daily and Family Life Technology has created a glut of new words and expressions. It also has “repurposed” old words; a mouse is no longer just a rodent in my

In the Season of Excess: Will you Splurge or Binge?

Today while running some errands, I saw mountainous displays of bags of candy so enormous that I would need assistance just getting them to the car! Aisles and aisles of transparent sacks filled with tempting giant size candy bars! Where

Breaking Bad Habits: If Your Resolutions Are Slipping Away

Research shows that most people have given up on their New Year’s Resolutions by the third week of January. Here are a couple of tips that might help you beat the odds and reach your goal. Refocus – When the

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