Divorce: How To Choose And Manage Your Battles

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking Divorce Legal Action The dissolution of their marriage offers the opportunity for each partner to stand up for themselves in a way they had not before. Bravo! Finding your voice and learning assertiveness

Minimalization: How We Accept the Unacceptable

Minimalization: Accepting the Unacceptable Minimalization: A Case Study of Jane Jane was married for twenty five years. Her husband filed for divorce, and Jane struggled to understand what happened. “Disappointed,” was Jane’s response when I queried as to how she

Divorce Time Out: Take Your Emotional Pulse

Is Checking Your Emotional Pulse The Key To Dealing With Divorce? “I am in the divorce process up to my elbows. I have paperwork for my lawyer, deadlines for my job, parent conferences for my kids, friends coming for dinner.

Shocked at Your Partner’s Behavior During Divorce?

Guest Contributor Donna Ferber looks at several ways to refocus your energy during a Divorce when your partner’s behavior had led to self-neglect and emotional stress.

Parallel Parenting: When You and Your Ex Can’t Play Nice

Guest Contributor psychotherapist Donna F. Ferber, looks at what is involved in a parallel parenting plan and how if differs from Cooperative Co-parenting.

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