Help Kids Make Sense Of A World Where Events Appear Unfair And Illogical

How We Can Help Kids Make Sense of Life’s Injustices Using Advice From A Dayton, Ohio Child Psychologist “Why did God take mommy to heaven?” asked Haley about the death of her mother due to a drug overdose. Her dad

Kids: Biggest Threat to Your Marriage

Guest Contributor Gregory Ramey, Ph.D. identifies 3 keys to keeping couples happy while raising children in a marriage.

Parenting Advice: Staying Connected with Kids, Skype and Technology…

Guest Contributor Gregory Ramey, Ph.D offers his insights on how technology can enhance family life and at the same can be used a parenting tool.

Do I Matter As a Parent? A Child Psychologist Shares Some Good News!

Child Psychologist and contributor Gregory Ramey, Ph.D, shares his thoughts on the importance of parental involement in a child’s life.

Do Challenging Children Cause a Bad Marriage?

Guest Contributor Gregory Ramey, Ph.D., examines if parents raising children with physical, emotional or developmental problems can cause unhappy marriages that eventually lead to a divorce.

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