4 Ways to Identify a Lonely Child

4 Ways to Identify a Lonely Child

Loneliness is hard to diagnose in kids, and often can be mistaken for other conditions. Kids are reluctant to admit such feelings, concerned that it’s a sign of weakness. Here are four ways to help you identify a lonely child.

3 Ways to Raise Empathetic Children

It seems as though many discussions with our kids or friends morph into mindless debates rather than genuine conversations. The goal is to win an argument rather than to understand another’s viewpoint. This has been evident within the political arena.

Three Ways to Use Regret

Jessica regretted wasting her entire life. She had a horrible relationship with her two wonderful parents. She had done poorly in high school, and now had few skills to get a meaningful job. She had been in a myriad of

5 Things You Should Know About Child Therapy

Dr. Gregory Ramey’s 5 Things You Should Know About Child Therapy The decision to seek mental health assistance is a tough one for many parents. Here is what you can expect. Therapy is work. You are seeking help because you

Should You Divorce Your Own Children?

For most parents, raising children is one of the most important and meaningful parts of their lives. In response to our unconditional love and total commitment, we get hugs, laughter, challenges and a sense of purpose and passion. However, for

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