To Spy or Not to Spy on your Child’s Internet Use

Should parents secretly monitor their child’s text messages, phone calls and social media activities in order to keep them safe? That’s a dilemma confronted by parents as they try to balance safety with honoring their child’s privacy and independence. A

7 False Inspirational Quotes…

Dr. Gregory Ramey never sugar coats it. He has kindly allowed the Ohio Family Law Blog to repost many of his articles pertinent to our readership since 2007. So, you may ask, why post this one? Well, the answer is

Kids Shouldn’t be Treated Like Little Adults

Kids aren’t little adults. While the physical differences are obvious, the psychological ones are not, particularly as kids and teens appear more sophisticated than previous generations. Here are a few key differences. More egocentric. Children experience the world from their

3 steps to raising good losers

Football star Cam Newton got it all wrong when he declared “show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser,” as an excuse for his rude behavior after his team’s defeat in the Super Bowl. Teaching our kids

Are you using the correct parenting style?

What Is The Best Parenting Style To Raise Your Children? One Parenting Style May Be All You Need Says Study Which of the following best describes your approach to raising your children? Permissive. These types of parents tend to be

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