My Child Just Graduated High School. What are the Estate Planning Considerations?

estate planning documents HIPPA Authorization

High School graduation is a culmination of one’s academic accomplishments at a scholastic institution. It is also usually a time of change. Upon graduation, one’s life is going to change and progress into another phase.  It may also be a time of change when it comes to estate planning documents, both when it comes to the graduate and the graduate’s parents. […]

Would My Ohio Living Will Block My Being Placed on a Ventilator if I Contracted Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

dnr order permanently unconscious coronavirus

I received a telephone call a week or so ago from a client who was concerned that, based upon some things that he had recently heard, he may have executed some estate planning documents that would prevent him from being put on a ventilator if he contracted the coronavirus. I am sure that he is not the only one who has had that concern, so I believe that this is a good time to explain this issue in greater detail. […]

REPOST: Estate Planning For Seniors In The CORONAVIRUS Era [Exclusive 20% discount during April!]

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As we near the time that some of the shelter-in-place restrictions are being lifted, many of us will feel a bit more comfortable doing some of the important things we have not yet done. As you evaluate those items, please don’t ignore creating or updating your estate planning documents! […]

Better Understanding the Importance of Ohio Health Care Documents During the Coronavirus Pandemic

health care decisions estate planning

These are scary times. These are stressful times. These are uncertain times. However, this is a time, more than ever, that we have to be prepared and educated as best we can for whatever the next few weeks or months have in store for us. We have seen preparation in full force in the form of people stocking up on basic supplies in their neighborhood stores. Hopefully, everyone is practicing social distancing. We hope that, through social distancing and good hygiene (Remember to wash your hands often!), neither our loved ones nor us will get sick and this will pass. However, we need to be prepared for the worst, which includes us or our loved ones becoming ill. With that in mind, it is important to be educated as to the need and purpose of health care documents. […]

[REPOST: Exclusive 20% discount!] Estate Planning For Seniors In The CORONAVIRUS Era

Estate Planning 20% Discount

Due to all the challenges upon each of us, the Dayton, Ohio law firm of Holzfaster, Cecil, McKnight & Mues is offering a 20% discount for new clients on all estate planning documents and services during the month of April.

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