Estate Planning in Ohio ALERT: Is My Trust Still Appropriate?

Estate Planning And The Revocable Living Trust A perfect example of the benefits of reviewing your estate planning documents on, at least, an occasional level, can be seen with the marital revocable living trust, also sometimes known as an “A-B”

Special Needs Trusts in Ohio in a Nutshell

Should an individual with special needs receive a large sum of money, it is often wise to have the individual or his/her fiduciary establish a special needs trust in order to not jeopardize assistance already being received such as Medicaid

Gay Marriage Alert: The IRS Finalizes Rules Recognizing Same-Sex Marriages

Tax Returns To Be Amended By IRS To Reflect Same-Sex Marital Status Changes In 2013, in United States v, Windsor, the U.S. Supreme Court found Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act to be unconstitutional.   Section 3 defined “marriage”

Guardian Issues: New Responsibilities Imposed on Ohio Guardians

What Are The Additional Requirements For A Guardian Of An Estate In Ohio? While it has always been a great responsibility to serve as a legal guardian for another individual, last year Ohio imposed a number of additional requirements of

Medicaid: Qualified Income Trust Needed For Eligibility

ALERT: Significant Changes in Ohio’s Medicaid Income Rules Have Arrived! Qualified Income Trust Needed For Higher Income Families To Be Eligible For those receiving long-term care services, Ohio’s Medicaid program has always had a monthly income limit.  In 2016, that

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