Military Parents Face Unique Homecoming Battles

Upon Return, Military Parent Finds An Empty House and Their Child Abducted. What Happened To The Happy Reunion? In the last few years we have all watched the televised homecomings of military personnel returning from tours of duty to see

Custody Issues: Finding a “Qualified” Therapist

Tips On How To Select The Right Therapist In Serious Custody Cases I have been asked repeatedly what is meant by “qualified” when selecting a therapist to deal with issues related to contentious custody situations.  Too often much valuable time

Custody Wars: My Lawyer Suggested that I Fabricate a Child Abuse Allegation!

Guest Contributor Judianne Cochran, examines how some lawyers use the false allegations of domestic violence or child abuse, to favor one parent over the other in custody cases.

Parental Abduction: Prevention and Remedies

Guest Contributor Judianne Cochran, a nationally recognized expert in parental abduction;and parental alienation, provides advice and analisis regarding recent international abduction cases.

Can Parental Alienation Be Far Behind? The Warning Signs Every Family Lawyer Should Know

Nationally recognized expert/consultant Judianne Cochran is a guest contributor for this week’s Ohio Family Law Blog sharing her thoughts on Parental Alienation and the early warning signs that Family Law attorneys should expect in custody cases.

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