Facebook Tagging: Violating A Protection Order Through Social Media

Violation of Protection Order Online: How Tagging A Victim On Facebook Or Social Media Platforms Can Land You In Jail! This article is posted with permission from Attorney Tom Kopacz from an article he posted on January 19, 2016, on

Custodial Grandparents: Stress From Raising Grandchildren

Increasing Number of Grandparents Becoming Custodial Grandparents to their Grandchildren Custodial Grandparents Have Higher Stress Levels than Grandparents Who Are not Caregivers of their Grandchildren According to Recent Studies What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in

Military Custody Law Update For Deployed Members

Congress Passes Law Affording Military Custody Protection to Our Deployed Servicemembers Deployment Can No Longer Be Held Against Military Parent In Child Custody Disputes Left to Right: Lt. Eva Slusher, her daughter Sara Slusher and Mike Turner For 8 years,

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