Be Sure to Pull Your Free Credit Report

Attorney Robert Mues from the Ohio Family Law blog examines how credit card debt effects divorce proceedings and what credit bureaus you can receive a free report from under federal law.

Vacationing Without the Kids? Don’t Leave Until You Have Prepared an Emergency Medical Authorization Form

Attorney Robert Mues provides a simple Emergency Medical Authorization Form for parents who need to give caregivers medical authorization before they leave town.

Father’s Day Reflections, Including Freud and Tongue Biting

Father’s Day can be an extremely difficult one for many children. Unfortunately, thousands of children will not be with their father this Father’s Day due to many factors including divorce, death or service in the armed forces. As a result,

If You Owe Back Support, Don’t Expect Your Stimulus Check

Robert Mues examines stimulus checks and whether they will be reduced or seized by the IRS if you are behind on child support.

Pet Ownership In Divorce Proceedings

For lawyers and others interested in an excellent journal article on this subject. Puppy Love: Providing for the Legal Protection of Animals When Their Owners Get Divorced by Heidi Stroh, 2 J. Animal L. & Ethics 231 (2007). The article

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