Divorce: Tips to Consider About Technology & Social Media

Divorce, Social Media and Technology. A whole new world. Siri Is Listening! Technology And Social Media Can Impact Your Divorce! In the modern technological era where we are constantly surrounded by social media and 24/7 communication, it should come as

Dissolution In Ohio: Can Parties Request Conciliation and Mediation Services?

Dissolution In Ohio: The Conciliation Process in Warren and Montgomery County Explained. How A Dissolution Can End Up In Mediation This was a novel question that was recently asked me by a client a week or so before their scheduled

Grandparents Active with Their Grandkids May Live Longer According to This New Study!

Can Grandparents Live Longer Simply By Caring For Their Grandchildren? Study Says… Grandparents who help out with childcare or provide support to others in their community tend to live longer than seniors who do not care for other people, according

LGT Parent: What Impact Does It Have On a Child?

“‘Not a big deal’? exploring the accounts of adult children of lesbian, gay and trans parents (LGT)” A recent article in Psychology & Sexuality, studied the effects that having an LGT (lesbian, gay, transexual) parent has on adult children.  Because

Child Custody Evaluations: Helpful or Harmful?

Child Custody Evaluations Tool Under Fire Divorces can be messy – potentially even more so when children are involved.  Emotions run high and often cause rational thinking and behavior to be thrown out the window.  Because of this, the court

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