Blast From The Past: Preventing a Parentectomy After Divorce

Blast From The Past: Preventing a Parentectomy After Divorce

Attorney Robert Mues looks at Parentectomy after a Divorce, and lists six preventive measures you can take to avoid separation between child and parent as presented by Dr. Frank S. Williams.

3 Ways to Raise Empathetic Children

It seems as though many discussions with our kids or friends morph into mindless debates rather than genuine conversations. The goal is to win an argument rather than to understand another’s viewpoint. This has been evident within the political arena.

Three Ways to Use Regret

Jessica regretted wasting her entire life. She had a horrible relationship with her two wonderful parents. She had done poorly in high school, and now had few skills to get a meaningful job. She had been in a myriad of

REVIEW OF RUNAWAY HUSBANDS – The Abandoned Wife’s Guide to Recovery and Renewal Written by Vikki Stark

The author of the book, Vikki Stark, graphically describes her feelings and emotions as her Husband tells her “it’s over”, i.e. “the marriage is over”, after she had returned from a book tour about her most recent book, My Sister,

Divorce Book Review: DIVORCE: How to Tell The Kids: A Parent’s Guide to Breaking the News Without Breaking Their Hearts

Author Vikki Stark Conducts Over 100 Interviews With Children For New Book About Separation And Divorce Vikki Stark, a divorce recovery specialist and a family therapist for over thirty (30) years, published this book in 2015. Her stated purpose in

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