Your Thanksgiving Doesn’t have to be a Turkey!

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues republishes a post by North Dakota State University student, Karen Armstrong on the warning signs of stress that children of divorced parents might endure this holiday season. Also take the Thanksgiving Turkey quiz!

Are Differing Post-Divorce Parenting Styles Causing Conflict?

Attorney Robert Mues looks at several ways to handle conflicting parenting styles between you and your Ex after a divorce.

Preventing a Parentectomy After Divorce

Attorney Robert Mues looks at Parentectomy in a divorce, and lists six preventive measures you can take to avoid seperation between child and parent, as suggested by child psychiatrist, Dr. Frank S. Williams.

Moms, Stepmothers and Grandmothers, Please Take a Bow!

Attorney Robert Mues offers his Mother’s Day thoughts with valuable tips from writer Kate Fogerty for new stepparents that deal with the challenges of blending families.

Did Your Ex-Spouse Take the Easter Baskets? Resurrection After the Crucifixion of Divorceā€¦

Robert Mues looks at several ways to deal with Divorce at Easter time citing tips from Gregory Ramey’s article, Eliminating Stress.

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