Blast From The Past: Thoughts about Your Divorce Day

divorce day

Here is a classic from Connecticut Psychotherapist Donna Ferber, first published on the Ohio Family Law Blog on July 10, 2010. Her advice about surviving your final divorce court date is still right on target!

Blast From The Past: Divorce: Dividing Property, Assets & Debts in Ohio

Blast from the past 10 years Ohio Family Law Blog

I thought this basic primer was worth posting once again especially now that we are at the start of “divorce season”. Division of debts and assets in a divorce is not always a simple or cookie cutter process.

Blast From The Past: Holidays: Just Say No And Feel Empowered!

Blast from the past 10 years Ohio Family Law Blog

Congratulations! We all made it through Thanksgiving. So, the mad dash of the holiday season is officially upon us. This sage advice from psychotherapist, Donna F. Ferber, from 2013 warrants a repost. Take a breath. Slow down. And just say “no”.

Blast From The Past: Don’t Create Halloween Horrors for your Child!

halloween divorce

Halloween can be very tricky for divorced parents. Here is some great advice from Psychotherapist Donna Ferber from way back in 2010

Blast From The Past: In Camera Interview of Children in Divorce Court

Blast from the past 10 years Ohio Family Law Blog

Here is a good article by Attorney Anne Shale from 2008. Nothing has really changed in 10 years about this interview process for the Court to obtain insights about the child’s wishes in a contested custody or parenting time case. All this is geared towards figuring the “best interest” of the child.

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