Parents – Are You Worried About Your Kids Online Safety?

Parents – Are You Worried About Your Kids Online Safety?

With the popularity of Cellphones and laptops, there comes an immense amount of potential danger attached to them. To combat the dangers of Internet use, Parents can use app monitoring software like Bark.

To Spy or Not to Spy on your Child’s Internet Use

Should parents secretly monitor their child’s text messages, phone calls and social media activities in order to keep them safe? That’s a dilemma confronted by parents as they try to balance safety with honoring their child’s privacy and independence. A

Child Abuse Increases During Holiday Season – But You Can Help!

For Victims Of Child Abuse The Holidays Can Be The Worst Around this time of year, it is impossible to go anywhere without hearing or seeing something reminding us to “give thanks” and to get into the “holiday” spirit.  However,

Children, App Technology, and Messaging Safely

How vulnerable Are Children In Today’s App Technology-Driven Internet World? New Certified Messenging Chat App For Children Provides Safe Monitoring For Parents And Encourages Responsible Social Media Development Summer is coming. These are the words that children ages 6-17 dream

Child Protective Services and Coercion

Analyzing The Use Of Coercion In The Child Protective Services Investigative Setting The key role of the child protective services (CPS) investigator is to determine if a child is at risk of harm. When a child is in immediate danger,

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