Parenting Time and Child Support In Ohio, The New Initiative

New Parenting Time and Child Support Project in Ohio To Increase Time A Child Spends With Both Parents, Even If They Are Divorced or Separated I have been practicing family law for 34 years. In my opinion the process by

Visitation: Stepparents are Parents Too!

Stepparents are Parents too! Stepparent Visitation! I always like to talk about the connotations associated with the words we use every day. Whether they are positive or negative, the words we use can have a grave impact upon a person’s

Support Payments and The Support Enforcement Agency

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale looks at how child support payments are made in the state of Ohio using the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) and the Ohio Child Support Payment Central (OCSPC).


Family Law Attorney Anne Shale looks at how lying on a Financial Affidavit can be overcome in Ohio Divorce Actions.

ALERT: Ohio Licenses No Longer Threatened for Non-Payment of Child Support

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues provides an update to several changes to the Ohio Child Support Law which now says parents who pay at least half of their court-ordered child support will no longer face suspension of their driver’s license.

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