Can I Complete My Ohio Estate Planning Documents Remotely During COVID-19?

ohio estate planning documents covid-19

More individuals are focusing on estate planning during the pandemic, but people are also more concerned about venturing out during these unusual times. A question that is coming up often is whether one can complete their Ohio estate planning documents remotely through Zoom or some other software. The answer is yes and no. Some ohio estate planning documents only need to be notarized to be valid and remote notarization is now available here in Ohio. A general durable power of attorney in Ohio only needs a notarization to be valid. Ohio health care documents (livings will and durable power of attorney) need either two disinterested witness signatures or a notarization to be valid. […]

Using Zoom for Legal Consultations is Very Easy at Holzfaster, Cecil, McKnight & Mues

zoom meeting estate planning divorce

The pandemic has no doubt changed all our lives in many ways. With the quarantine orders and social distancing each of us have had to reconcile and adapt our lives. Avoiding unnecessary personal contact with others is important for many of us. Nonetheless, our lives continue on despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The quarantine situation (and life over the last 5 months) has only made it more evident to people in “shaky” marriages the harsh realities of their relationship, and in many cases their need to terminate the marriage and obtain a divorce. […]

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