Extremely Obese Children…Should Their Parents Lose Custody?

Family Law Attorney John Meehling examines if parents should lose custody of their children if they are extremely obesese.

Japan Announces its “Intention” to Join the Hague Convention

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale, reacts to the news that the government of Japan has announced it’s intention to join the Hague Convention relative to child custody, and why it could take years before Japan hecomes part pf the treaty.

BREAKING NEWS: Secretary of Defense Gates Changes Position to Protect Custodial Parents Deployed Overseas!

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale provides breaking news on Ohio Congressional representative Michael R. Turner’s proposed legislation to protect active duty military parents deployed overseas in cases of child custody issues.

Custody Wars: My Lawyer Suggested that I Fabricate a Child Abuse Allegation!

Guest Contributor Judianne Cochran, examines how some lawyers use the false allegations of domestic violence or child abuse, to favor one parent over the other in custody cases.

The FBI has Registered the Local Children Abducted to Japan as “Missing Children”

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale provides an update on her client, Kent Swaim who had his children abducted to Japan without his consent.

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