A Local Case of “Child Abduction” Involving the Country of Japan

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale examines the local case of U.S. Father, Kent Swaim, who experienced custody issues with his ex-wife that led to the abduction of his children to Japan without his knowledge or his consent. Also, some preventative steps can take to avoid a simlilar situation.

Get Your Ex’s Consent To Travel Abroad With Your Minor Child, Avoid Feeling Like You Just Went Over Niagara Falls in a Barrel!

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues provides crucial information on how a simple written consent authorization form known as a “Authorization to Travel with Minor(s) Affidavit” can help avoid border problems with immigration officials for divorced parents who plan on travelling abroad with their minor child.

Child Abduction a Worry? Do You Have a Passport Block in Place?

Family Law Attorney Shawn Hooks looks at ways to protect against overseas abduction by registering your child with the U.S. State Department’s Children’s Passport Issuance Alert Program.

In Camera Interviews of Children in Divorce Court

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale looks at what the in camera interview is, it’s latin definition, and several impprtant questions surrounding the process between the judge and minor child.

They Fight For America and Upon Return Must Fight For Their Children…

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale looks at Ohio Reprentative, Michael R. Turner’s proposed Amendment, (H.R.2647) that would protect Military members deployed overseas, from returning home to a child cutody battle with a former spuse (Husband or Wife).

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