Here Comes the Judge: A Little Insight for Your Child Custody and Divorce Case

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues comments on a recent post by Michael Mastracci, an attorney from Baltimore, Maryland, and publisher of “Divorce Without Dishonor”, that provides insight on what questions to ask about a presiding judge in a custody or divorce case.

Fathers are Indeed Important!

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues, looks at how divoced fathers can be more involved with their children by utilizing virtual visitation despite geographical distances.

How Schools Should Work with Non-Residential Parents

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues, looks at ways divorced oarents can be more actively involved in their children’s school lives. In addition a pamphlet published by Separated Parenting Access and Resource Center (SPARC), titled,”Working with Non-Resident Fathers – A Guide for Educators of Children”, is also reviewed.

Parental Abduction: Prevention and Remedies

Guest Contributor Judianne Cochran, a nationally recognized expert in parental abduction;and parental alienation, provides advice and analisis regarding recent international abduction cases.

U.S. Father Arrested In Japan For Picking Up Children “Abducted” By Ex-Wife…..The “Rest Of The Story”!

Attorney Anne Shale looks at a recent parental child abduction case in Japan where she presents the facts of the case, and an understaning of how the Japanese legal system differs in divorce custody.

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