Bitcoins and Hiding Assets in a Divorce Action

Protect Your Assets – Talk To A Divorce Attorney To Avoid Being Ripped Off By Bitcoins Concealment Bitcoins are defined as a cryptocurrency and are the first of their kind.  Cryptocurrency is just a fancy term for “encryption” meaning only

Divorce During Pendency: Living Separately or Living Together?

Should Couples Live Separately Or Together Through A Divorce Or Dissolution? – List Of Factors Crucial In Each Case The parties agree the marriage is not working; the decision is made by one of the parties to initiate a divorce

Divorce: Sudden Divorce Syndrome in Ohio

Can Sudden Divorce Syndrome Impact You Both Emotionally And Legally? What You Need To Know Sudden Divorce Syndrome (SDS) refers to a situation that occurs, most often in a man’s life, where his spouse, without any signs, wants a divorce.

Divorce: Dividing Property, Assets & Debts in Ohio

Property Division in Ohio Can Be Complicated In Marriage Breakup – Hire A Experienced Divorce Lawyer Early Depending upon the issues in a marriage breakup, dividing assets and debts is usually a preliminary topic of conversation.  This can be a

Divorce and Your Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction

Consider Allocation Of Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction When Filing A Divorce Decree In Ohio, and elsewhere, you may be able to deduct the interest paid on the mortgage on your principle residence when filing your tax return.   A deduction is

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