Divorce: Service Of Process In Ohio

Don’t Know Your Spouse’s Location? How to Complete “Service of Process” When Seeking A Divorce In Ohio When I am retained by a client (Husband or Wife) who is seeking a divorce from his or her spouse, one of my

Divorce: Addressing High Conflict Cases – Tips and Strategies

High Conflict Divorce Tied With High Conflict Personalities According To Therapists On March 24th, 2014, I traveled from Dayton, Ohio to Mason, Ohio to interview Brenda Patton, Therapist, Parenting Coordinator, and Mediator for The Counseling and Cooperative Parenting Center of

Divorce Rates on the Climb as the Economy Recovers

Recent Spike In Divorce Rates Tied To Economy Study Suggests Interestingly, while the total number of new cases filed in Ohio in 2012 hit a 10-year low, the same cannot be said about divorce actions.  Ohio has seen a recent

Divorce Matters in Ohio: Limited Representation

Hire A Divorce Attorney Or Save Money With Limited Representation? When married couples decide on a divorce, a number of things can happen.  When one party decides to file for the divorce, they can either attempt the divorce pro se

Divorce: Not a Do-It-Yourself Project

Tips On How To Move Ahead In Divorce Help And Support From Professionals Key To Moving Forward In Divorce Frequently, people who are unhappy in their marriages wait until after the holiday season to move ahead with the dissolution of

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