Divorce Rates Double for Boomers

Longer Life Spans Factor Into Higher Divorce Rates Divorce rates for the general population throughout the United States have stabilized over the past several decades.  However, that’s not true for baby boomers.  Divorce rates among couples over 50 have doubled

Marriage: Better the Second Time Around?

Marriage: Better the Second Time Around? Is Marriage Better the Second Time Around? Or, Are Second Marriages More Successful than First Marriages? Many years ago, a singing icon and legend, Frank Sinatra, released a song entitled “The Second Time Around”…..its words

Divorce: Top Ten “Things To Do” After

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale comes up with her own top 10 list of priority items to accomplish after a Divorce.

Divorce and The Christmas Story

Family Law Attorney John Meehling looks at how the christmas story relates to Divorce during the holiday season.

How to Select a Divorce Lawyer – Six Keys to Finding the Right Attorney for a Divorce

Finding the right attorney for a divorce is an extremely important and personal decision. Take the time to properly pick your attorney. The outcome of your family law case will impact your future dramatically!  Here are six keys to finding

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