Postnuptial Agreements in Ohio – What is the Current Status?

postnuptial agreements premarital agreement estate planning

Ohio has long recognized premarital agreements. A premarital agreement is a legal contract entered prior to marriage and in contemplation of marriage by two individuals to address the ownership and division of their property and property interests in the event of death or divorce. However, Ohio is in the minority in that Ohio has historically not allowed postnuptial agreements, which are agreements entered into between spouses after they are married. […]

Are You and Your Spouse Continually Fighting Over Money?

financial counseling financial therapy money issues

Many couples tend to argue and fight over money and other financial issues. According to many studies, fighting over money issues is one of the top 3 reasons couples end up divorcing. Those arguments can be about a myriad of “money” issues. So, what do you do if you find yourself in this situation? […]

Blast From The Past: New Year’s Eve: Single not Sad

new year's eve single

Congratulations! We have all made it through Christmas and now New Year’s Eve is just a few days away. I have been considering what to post this week that was timely and relevant. I remembered the great piece we posted 9 years ago that Donna Ferber had written for her first book, From Ex-Wife to Exceptional Life: A Woman’s Journey through Divorce. I received a lot of compliments about it then I reread it and loved it as much now as I did the first time. Her sage advice warrants a repost, so here it is.

Tips on Planning a Vacation with the Kids Post-Divorce

vacation kids

The ink is dry on the papers, and you are officially divorced! Time to take a vacation with the kids, but this is your first time traveling solo with the kids. It can be a little intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. There are tricks and tips to make sure it is a fun and memorable time for all. If you are leery of going it alone with the kids, consider asking another adult to accompany you. Perhaps a grandparent or aunt or uncle might be happy to go along. They might be happy to spend some time with your children, perhaps giving you a respite to enjoy a shopping trip or perhaps a museum or something which might not appeal to your kids. […]

Are There Advantages to Filing First for a Divorce in Ohio?

filing of the divorce complaint retraining orders

Unfortunately, you have concluded that your marriage needs to come to an end. Now it is time to put on your “business hat” and plan how to accomplish that result. When feasible, a dissolution proceeding is the best vehicle to accomplish the termination of an Ohio marriage. However that approach takes a full agreement in advance of filing by both parties on ALL issues and obviously cooperation. Let’s discuss how to proceed if that isn’t in the cards. READ MORE…

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