Holiday Parenting Time Post-Decree Divorce

Most intact families have established holiday traditions for their family. After a divorce, this may all change. The courts generally have established standard orders for parenting time that many people have adopted. Each varies county by county.  However, those orders

Credit Score: Little Known Tip to Protect Your Credit After a Nasty Divorce – Request a Credit Reporting Freeze?

Some divorce cases are really nasty and contentious. I have been handling divorce cases in Dayton, Ohio for almost 39 years and I have seen some doozies! Clients regularly ask how they can protect their FICO credit score after their

Shared Parenting: Kentucky Governor Signs New Law, Is Ohio Behind the Times?

How Does The New Shared Parenting Law Signed In Kentucky Impact Ohio? Kentucky took a step closer on April 12, 2017 to making shared parenting in instances of divorce the norm in the state.  House Bill 492, received unanimous support

Gambling: The Consequences Of Financial Misconduct In A Divorce

Overview on Ohio Divorce Law: Gambling as the Basis for Financial Misconduct and Unequal Division of Marital Assets Upon Divorce Gambling exists in every state (even in Utah and Hawaii where it is illegal), but not everyone gambles the same.

Equal Overnight Time With Dad Benefits Children of Divorced Parents

Father-Child Relationship is Strengthened by Equal Overnight Time. Parents Have Better Relationships With Their Children Under Equal Overnight Time Couples with children who end up divorcing know that parenting time is often a source of contention. Historically, mothers were often

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