Divorce: Tips to Consider About Technology & Social Media

Divorce, Social Media and Technology. A whole new world. Siri Is Listening! Technology And Social Media Can Impact Your Divorce! In the modern technological era where we are constantly surrounded by social media and 24/7 communication, it should come as

Dissolution In Ohio: Can Parties Request Conciliation and Mediation Services?

Dissolution In Ohio: The Conciliation Process in Warren and Montgomery County Explained. How A Dissolution Can End Up In Mediation This was a novel question that was recently asked me by a client a week or so before their scheduled

Divorce Rate Up for Older Women: The Financial Impact Divorcing Later in Life

The “golden years” may not be so “golden” for those couples who choose to part ways later in life.  According to researchers, even though divorce rates in general seem to be stabilizing, the divorce rate among the “baby boomer” generation

Do I Really Need a Lawyer for My Ohio Divorce?

Consultation With An Experienced Family Law Attorney Helpful When Filing for Divorce A lot of people ask or search online for the answer to this question. No one likes to spend money for a lawyer. I have attached a link

Divorce Research Shows Children Suffer No Real, Long-Term Effects of Divorce

Important Steps Parents Can Take To Minimize Negative Side-Effects Of Divorce For Their Children Divorce can be earth-shattering for everyone, but arguably no one suffers more than the children involved. That being said, while divorce has proven to have devastating

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