Domestic Violence Charge And The Federal Gun Control Act

How A Plea Bargain From A Domestic Violence Charge to A Non-Domestic Violence Charge Still Carries A Federal Gun Ban Domestic violence is never an easy subject to talk about or, in my line of work, to defend.  To be

Protection Order: Proving Domestic Violence in a Court of Law can be Difficult

When Things That Go Bump In The Night Are Not Sufficient Evidence For A Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order A couple weeks ago, my brother and I went back to our homeland of California to visit our parents and help

Child Abuse Increases During Holiday Season – But You Can Help!

For Victims Of Child Abuse The Holidays Can Be The Worst Around this time of year, it is impossible to go anywhere without hearing or seeing something reminding us to “give thanks” and to get into the “holiday” spirit.  However,

Domestic Violence Within Military Families Probable Says Study

Recent Study Reveals That Combat Assignments Increase the Probability of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse By Military Members A recent study published by The Review of Economics and Statistics concludes that combat assignments increase the probability of intimate partner domestic

Artemis Center Provides Assistance To Victims Of Domestic Violence

An Update on Dayton’s Domestic Violence Resource Agency – The Artemis Center in Montgomery County, Ohio As the month of October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I chose to update an Ohio Family Law Blog article I had posted six

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