Ask Yourself, Who Really Needs Help in Your Family?

Child Psychologist and Dayton Daily News Columnist Dr, Gregory Ramey, offers a few guidelines to determine who really needs help in families that are dealing with emotional, mential or domestic violence issues.

Ohio Domestic Violence Proceedings – The Survey Says . . .

Attorney Shawn Hooks writes a follow-up to his Domestic Violence article including what people should know when filing a petition in Violence proceedings.

Who Says, I Can’t Own a Gun?

Attorney Shawn Hooks looks at a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that says individuals who were convicted of battery or assault against a family member, cannot possess a firearm or ammunition.

even without having been convicted of a crime of domestic violence.

Artemis Center: Dayton’s Domestic Violence Resource Agency

Attorney Anne Shale writes about the goals and philosophy of the Artemis Center in Dayton, Ohio in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The Name Game: Shirley, Shirley bo Birley . . .

Attorney Robert Mues explains the steps to take in order for a spouse to obtain a new Social Security card after a divorce and a name change.

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