Feeling Guilty About Your Divorce?

Attorney Robert Mues examines how two stages of guilt affect couples going through divorce. Also tips from Dr. Paul Wanio that could benefit children of Divorce.

When to Seek Professional Counseling and/or Therapy During a Divorce Proceeding

As a former nurse, attorney Anne Shale shares her insights regarding professional counseling/therapy and when it becomes necessary.

Divorce Cases Can Cause Emotional Explosions

Attorney Robert Mues of the Ohio Family Law Blog examines the emotional health of people going through a divorce and what kind of support can be offered to clients.

Divorce Transition: What Happens To Our Friends Now?

Attorney Robert Mues from the Ohio Family Lw Blog looks at how friendships can help people move forward after a painful divorce.

Improving Resiliency

Resiliency is a topic that I find myself discussing often with my divorce clients. I recently came across an interesting article on that subject which prompted this post. Resilience can de defined as the human ability to deal with, learn

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