Estate Planning: A Truly Sad Story, Prince – His Tragic Death and His Lack of Estate Planning

Singer Prince Passing Proves The Importance Of Estate Planning Documents As everyone knows by now, sadly, Prince unexpectedly passed away recently. In the days following his untimely death, questions began to arise as to whom would inherit his estate, which

Estate Planning Tips for Same-Sex Couples

Statutory Protections In Estate Planning Now Available To Surviving Spouses Of Same-Sex Marriages Now that the institution of marriage has been sanctioned for same-sex couples, estate planning options and benefits that have not been available before can now be utilized

Estate Planning: Same Sex Relationship Estate Planning

A Review Of Estate Planning Rights After The Supreme Courts Rulling On Same Sex Marriages Now that the United States Supreme Court has deemed the refusal of states to allow same sex marriages unconstitutional, same sex couples in all fifty

Legacy Trust: A Premarital Planning Tool

Estate Planning Specialist, Joseph Balmer, digs deeper into the new Ohio Legacy Trust Law Act, and reveals how it can be used as a protection tool in the area of Family Law. Effective March 27, 2013, the Ohio Legacy Trust

Tax: Effects of the “Fiscal Cliff” Legislation

Compromise Reached, But How Does It Effect Tax Planning For 2013? In December, 2012, we addressed the looming “fiscal cliff” tax ramifications and potential last-minute tax planning.  With legislation finally passed in late December, in order to prevent widespread tax

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