The Untimely and Unexpected Death of Chris Henry…Questions About the Consequences for His Survivors

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale looks at how the untimely passing of NFL receiver Chris Henry, of the Cincinnati Bengals, can lead to legal problems for survivors if one does not have have an estate planning document, or a Last Will and Testament in place in the event of one’s death.

Simple Year End Tax Tips

Probate Attorney Joseph Balmer offers simple tax tips that can keep taxes as low as possible.

Estate Planning For The Modern Family – Use Of The QTIP Trust For Second Marriages

Attorney Joseph Balmer looks at an important tool in estate planning called the QTIP Trust (Qualified Terminal Interest Property Trust) that make provisions upon death of of the surviving spouse.

Why One Should Not Postpone Post-Divorce Estate Planning

Joseph Balmer examines post-divorce estate planning and explains why it should be avoided according to recent surveys supporting this practice.

New Strategies To Protecting Assets From Medicaid Through Long Term Health Care Insurance

Attorney Joseph E. Balmer III examines the protection of Medicaid assets through long term Health Care Insurance and the strategies involved.

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