Same-Sex Marriage in Ohio: The Debate Begins!

Ohio Judge Recognizes Same-Sex Marriage Performed In Another State As Legal On Monday, federal Magistrate Judge Timothy Black could have opened the door to more lawsuits regarding same-sex marriage in Ohio.  Judge Black issued a temporary restraining order against multiple

DOMA Ruling: The Impact of this Historic Supreme Court Decision

How Will DOMA Affect Individuals In Other States? In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court overturned the federal 17-year-old DOMA act (Defense of Marriage Act), leaving many people wondering the effects this ruling will have on same-sex couples in their

Gay Marriage: The U.S. Supreme Court Tackles Same-Sex Marriage Issues

What Is The Difference Between Prop 8 And DOMA? – Will Gay Marriage Issues Change Family Law? Questions And Answers To The Issue Of Gay Marriage And The Supreme Court’s Likely Decision The United States Supreme Court recently granted certiorari

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