Divorce As A Medicaid Planning Tool?

Probate and Estate Planning Attorney Joseph Balmer, looks at how Medicaid, instead of Divorce, can be a valuable tool in helping seniors with long-term care expenses in order to avoid exhausting their funds or life savings.

How the New Health Care Reform Will Affect Seniors

Attorney amd head of the Estate Planning and Probate Department, Joe Balmer looks at how the recent Health Reform Law changes affects senior citizens in both positive and negative aspects including prescription coverage, service providers and Medicare.

Divorce And Insurance Policies: What Divorce Attorneys Need To Know To Protect Their Clients

Guest Contributor, Attorney Brian R. Wilson, a partner in the Canton, Ohio, law firm of Nicodema & Wilson, LLC. writes about the importance of insurance coverage policies that directly affect divorced or seperated couples, and what attorneys need to know to protect their clients.

New Strategies To Protecting Assets From Medicaid Through Long Term Health Care Insurance

Attorney Joseph E. Balmer III examines the protection of Medicaid assets through long term Health Care Insurance and the strategies involved.

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