Internet Becomes First Choice For Attorney Searches

The Most Popular Way To Find An Attorney Is Through Internet Searches According To Survey A recent survey conducted by Thomas Reuters (published by found that today more individuals prefer using the internet to find an attorney than any other

Online Dating: Less Likely to Divorce If You Met Your Spouse Online?

Early Study Reveals Online Dating Sites Among Best Meeting Place For Marital Bliss A few recently published studies have explored the new developments in the field of online dating and online dating sites.  These studies have shown that, more often

2 Things Parents Must do to Support Their Kids’ Digital Experiences

The popularization of the automobile in the 1920’s was not universally welcomed. Many raised questions about the safety of this new invention and their concerns were valid. There are about 1.2 million fatalities world-wide associated with car accidents, another 50

Social Media Issues in Divorce Litigation – The New Frontier

It is no longer a secret that attorneys that work in the domestic relations arena are mining social media networking sites, such as Facebook, for helpful evidence about the opposing party.  A person’s Facebook page is often a very fertile

Think Before You FACEBOOK…Especially if You’re in a Divorce!

Family Law Attorney John Meehling provides common sense tips that can help prevent you from getting burned in divorce court from your online social network postings.

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