What is The Purpose of the Ohio Putative Father Registry?

Attorney Shawn Hooks looks at how an unmarried Father can protect his legal paternity rights by filling out the Putative Father Registry in the state of Ohio.

They Fight For America and Upon Return Must Fight For Their Children…

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale looks at Ohio Reprentative, Michael R. Turner’s proposed Amendment, (H.R.2647) that would protect Military members deployed overseas, from returning home to a child cutody battle with a former spuse (Husband or Wife).

Dividing Military Pensions

Attorney Anne Shale takes a look at how Military pensions can be divided in a divorce

Ohio Enacts New Booster Seat Law

Attoney Shawn Hooks reveals a new Ohio law signed by Governor Strickland that says children between the ages of four and eight and under 4’9″ tall to be restrained by booster seats.

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