What To Do if You Think Your Spouse is Hiding or Wasting Marital Assets

financial misconduct divorce marital assets

Your Marital Assets Could Be In Jeopardy if Your Spouse is Engaging in Financial Wrongdoing During a Divorce Action. Can The Ohio Courts Step In?

financial misconduct divorce marital assetsThe time leading up to a divorce and the actual divorce process can be quite bumpy and unpleasant. Oftentimes, the unknowns of divorce will lead to irrational thinking and bad behavior by one or both of the spouses. While some bad behavior is simply frowned upon, other forms of misconduct are actually illegal. For instance, if your spouse is intentionally scheming to hide or waste your marital assets in an attempt to interfere with your right to an equitable distribution during the divorce, you may have a claim of financial misconduct.

What is the law in Ohio behind financial misconduct in a divorce action?

Under Ohio law, “if a spouse has engaged in financial misconduct , including, but not limited to, the dissipation, destruction, concealment, nondisclosure, or fraudulent disposition of assets, the court may compensate the offended spouse with a distributive award or with a greater award of marital property.” O.R.C. ยง 3105.171(E)(4). A spouse has committed financial misconduct if he or she has engaged in some kind of wrongdoing and he or she … Read More... “What To Do if You Think Your Spouse is Hiding or Wasting Marital Assets”